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Just say you have beautiful collection of Photos of your family  , friends , trip or picnic images or best moments with your love ones. Or you can say you have vast collection of images over facebook and have in one place in form of Android App so today I am going to share  tutorials on How to create your own Android wallpaper in just ten minutes and become android developer without coding.

Below is step by step tutorial to create your own android app.

Step #1 :

Go to and create free account , you can also sign in with facebook in one click.

Step #2 :

Click on create new app and choose wallpaper template and you will be directed to App-buider page.

Step #3

Just paste the page url of facebook profile or Facebook page url into facebook page url box and it will give you choice to select album which you want embed into your wallpaper or image app.

Select App name

Define your App description

Upload new icon if you want to make your app more pro.

Select category and build your new app.

Congrats ! You have created your first app for android and now you can download apk file and install it on your device and have live test.You can also create professional wallpaper app by adding high-resolution images to your album .You can also add Splash image which load every time when some open your app everytime and add more tab such facebook like box or twitter widget to your app by editing app later.You can also submit app to Playstore or different  Android app store and even can sign up for Publisher ad program which gives you ability to earn some bucks.

Is you ever wanted to send html file or mails in html to your friend or coworkers , then your wished had just come true with new HTML-MAIL app developed and created by Amit agarwal. App is powered by Gmail Api  powered by Google. You just have to sign in with Google and you could send normal email as well as Html mail using Gmail . All the mail are send through gmail so you can access to them later in gmail.But you can't access to your gmail mails and folder using this app.

Html - mail or Gmail 

While the Extra-Ordinary email app from internet giant gives you comfortablity through their user friendly user-interface but using Html-mail app you will be shock with unbelievable features that comes with this app like inserting table , adding html ,css and javascript.You can even add emotions and add bold , italic effects to your fonts and you can also change font style , font color and
 size using  WYSIWYG editiors. You can also embed images , social media icons amd lot more using html-mail app. Daily limit to send mails per user is same as gmail since app is powered by Gmail Api.

Posted by Manish Gurjar  on 26 September 2014
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As we all knowns Asian games are on trend every where, facebook , twitter , television , newspaper , Magazines and else every where in the month of September . Last time we had share 15 Best wallpapers for your desktop . This time we're sharing another great and high definition wallpapers pack from south korea where asian games are taking place.

Aian games 2014

1. Door of Hope is amazing bridge built in Incheon.

Incheon asian games

2.Another great bridge built in Incheon in south korea (Meet the sunrise with bridge)

Incheon asian games

3. Incheon stadium high resolution and high definition images

Incheon asian games

4. Incheon hd wallapapers

Incheon asian games

5. South korea skyscrappers wallappers

Incheon asian games

6. South korea hd wallpapers

Incheon asian games

Apk downloader
Google Play has got millions of amazing apps and games to download for make your android more smarter and more useful.But some times we are unable to download  apps directly from Playstore due to  compatibility mode issues and unsupported devices.But you made up your mind to download app or game files from Google playstore. So today i am going to tell tricks to download apk file from google playstore.I will use third party web app to download apk file form google  palystore.

download apk directly from google playstore


  • Go to Playstore and copy the link of your favourite app and game.
  • Now pasted copied link on and generate apk file desired for app or game.
  • Website will generate apk  file and download apk file to your computer and send apk file to Your Android device using usb cable or other medium.
  • Install app and enjoy

Method 2

  • Go to Playstore and copy the link of your favourite app and game.
  • Now pasted copied link on and generate apk file desired for app or game.
  • Website will generate apk  file and download apk file to your computer and send apk file to Your Android device using usb cable or other medium.
  • Install app and enjoy

Posted by Manish Gurjar on 12 September 2014
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From last six to seven months every body was either talking or debating about Iphone 6 . About its design , size , weight , operating system , specification and features apple will released with new flagship handset and offcourse its price. Apple released Iphone 6 on 9th september 2014 at the flint center in cuperinto , California . Apple newest trend in market is thinnest iphone with just 6.9mm in length compared with all previous Iphone models . Its comes with more rounded edges making softer and comfortable in your hands than sharp edges of Iphone 5s. Iphone 6 is powered by ios 8 and available in size of 16 ,64 and 128 GB . It supports 2G , 3G and 4G Nano Simcards . Iphone 6 comes with led-back light Ips screen with multi-touch coated with shatter proof class. It is available in Space grey,Silver and gold .

Iphone 6
Image: Phonerebel

Features of Iphone 6 : 
  • General
Supports 2G (Gsm and Cdma) , 3G  (Gsm and Cdma) and 4G  (Gsm and Cdma) nano simcards .

  • Body
It comes in dimensions of 138.1 * 67 *6.9 mm making it thinnest Iphone till date which weighs about 129g.

  • Design
It has elegant design and rounded corners making it softer and comfortable in your hands.

  • Display
It comes with 4.7 inches display screen with led-backlight Ips Capacitive touch screen and coated with shatter proof screens and supports multitouch.

  • Sound and memory
It comes with 3.5 mm universal jack and comes with in-built 16 , 64 and 128 GB memory size.

  • Data 
It supports GPRS  , EDGE and  HSPA up to 42 mbps `, HSUPA up to 5.76 mbps , EV-DO REV .A up to 3.1 mbps , LTE , CAT4 , 150 mbps  DL , 50 mbps UL. with 802.11 wifi , dual band and wifi hotsopt ,  v2.0 bluetooth and nfc support.

  • Camera
Iphone 6 comes with 8 megapixel back and 1.2 front camera with dual flash with 1080p @ 60fps and 720p @240 fps with geo tagging , auto focus and HD video and image tagging.

  • Other

It is operated with Ios 8 operating system and Apple A8 chipset and TBA Cpu . Iphone 6 is powered by Accelerometer , Proxmitiy , Compass and borometer sensors . It comes with non-removable Li-po battery.

Posted by Manish Gurjar  on 10 September 2014

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You ever wanted to install app on your android from your computer , have look on contacts stored in android device from computer or add new one  , watch out for amazing photos from computer and you can do all this even from your chrome browser with single click using extension . SnapPea an android and windows companion app let you do all task mention above. Application developed in Beijing with over 300 employees and 3 cat let you backup and sync contacts and photos and download and install on your android from windows pc without having any internet connection on android device.

Features of SnapPea : 
  • Instant Access to your photos :
Photos stored in your android would be directly sync with your computer which let you to view photos on your computer stored in your Android device.

  • Download Android app for free:
SnapPea download and update android app using computer internet data hence saving you phones data.

  • Protects your phones data:
SnapPea backups and protect your contacts , messages, photos , important documents and file .

  • Transfer files with friction of seconds :
You can transfer photos , video clips , music and even itunes playlist to phone with friction of seconds.

  • Connect anywhere using wifi :
Go wifi snapPea will auto connect your android phone to computer , Uff ! No wifi use SnapPea using usb cable.

  • Download videos from youtube :
SnapPea lets you directly download your Favourite videos from youtube directly .

  • Download most downloaded apps and games :
Don't waste time for searching best from millions of apps and games download best and most downloaded games and apps from its app store and it even has beautiful collection of wallpapers .

  • Use from chrome :
Having chromebook or not want to install on windows pc you can even access all snapPea features from its chrome app.

Backup and sync contact and photos with snappea

What others say about snapPea :


SnapPea is billed as "Android's best friend," and after spending significant time with application I am inclined to agree—somewhat.

notepad tricksBasically average computer user uses notepad as just text editor or as document viewer for .txt files. But notepad is just more awesome than ever imagined . It can show matrix effect , type automatically , make your computer speak to you , forcing your keyboard led light to dance , and freshing horrible sight of 9/11 attacks. All notepad tricks uses wscript(windowsscript) while some of them uses windows batch file (.bat extension) so if you want to get into coding part and invent your own tricks then your to learn coding.

Here are five amazing tricks of notepad.

  • Matrix effect is well known effect popularly used in hollywood movies tons of coding in flashing in green colors mainly known as Matrix effect.

  • Go to notepad in Microsoft windows
  • Copy below code and paste it in notepad
@echo off

color 02


echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

  • Now save file as matrix.bat with all files option.
  • Go to folder where you save .bat file and double click on it.
  • Now you can see tons of coding flashing in green colour.

  • Automatically typing  is also known as ghost typing which automatically types some sort of words in notepad.

  • Go to notepad
  • Copy below code and paste it in notepad

set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject("wScript.Shell") "Notepad"
wscript.sleep 400
wshshell.sendkeys "Gujar"
wscript.sleep 400
wshshell.sendkeys ".org"
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys " by"
wscript.sleep 120
wshshell.sendkeys " Manish"
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys " gurjar"

  • Save as desired name.vbs (example manish.vbs) with all files option
  • Click on file and see the magic.
  •  Computer speak is visual basic coding which allows you to insert words in pop up box and speaks inserted word for you.

  • Go to notepad and create new file
  • Copy below code and paste it in newfile

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox("What do you want me to say?","Speak to Me")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak message 

  • Now save as desired name.vbs ( example speak.vbs)
  • Click on created file and see the magic
  •  Keyboard led light dancing

  • Go to notepad
  • Copy and paste below code

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”

  •       Save again vbs file with .vbs extension with all files and Double click on file and look at your      keyboard led light dancing.

  • 9/11 live example of attack at world trade center.

  1. Go to notepad and create new file.
  2. Type Q33N and go to format option increase font size to 72 and font to windings.
  3. Now see attack on humanity at word trade center.

smart label android theme
In my last post i had shared  F1 theme for android on themer and today i am sharing again themer based another android ui homescreen called Smart layers.
This homescreen has various label which makes it smart as name suggest Smart layers.

smart layer android screen

You will need android app called THEMER to get this theme on homescreen on your device.You can download it from google playstore for free.

  1. Get themer from playstore.
  2. install and app.
  3. Download files 
  4. open themer and install F1 from collection.

Last time on monday i had share pack of wallpapers for your device and i had promise you to bring amazing stuff for your android device so this monday i am back with amazing homescreen with themer.Theme is inspired by F1.Theme will take your homescreen to next level.

You will need android app called THEMER to get this theme on homescreen on your device.You can download it from google playstore for free.

  1. Get themer from playstore.
  2. install and app.
  3. Download files 
  4. open themer and install F1 from collection.
Android's  First most popular and viral games Android games is again ready to strike hard on Android games platform with Newest edition "Angry Birds Stella" with focusing female domination characters.


Stella - the fiercest and feistiest of angry birds will moved to join hands with her friends Dahila , poppy ,willow and luca in golden island in newest installment of famous game series on the planet.

Gale used to be best friends with stella , but their frendship fell , Gale went down a darker path and even has some minion pigs under her command.



Game on september Cartoon on tv on november :

Stella cartoon series on tv

    Games is going  to  hit hard this spetember . But you can enjoy animation series on toontv in novemeber. The first season will have 13 episodes each on moving tale of adventure , herosim and friendship. A new episode will premiere every week on Toontv , which is also available on angry birds or online and series will also be broadcast on tv and VOD series worldwide.
You would Required Nova Launcher to use all this theme on android devices (Android tablets, smartphones).Themes mentioned below are optizmed for all version handset and screen size handset.

Step to use theme :

#1 : Download nova launcher
#2 : Install nova launcher
#3 : Download desired theme and go to nova launcher browse from downloaded theme
#4 : Select theme and you're done !

Theme #1 Android L

Android L theme
   Download now

  Theme #2 Shadow theme

Shadow theme

    Download now

   Theme #3 LG G3 Theme

LG G3 Theme

    Download now

   Theme #4 iOS 7 Theme

iOs 7 Theme
    Download now

    Theme #5


   Theme #6 HTC One M8
htc one

   Theme #7 Galaxy S5


Galaxy S5

  Theme #8 MIUI


Theme #9 S5

Theme #10 S4 Theme

Galaxy S4


Designing Blogger themes requires lot of skill (HTML , XML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT) and lot of dedication and offcourse time to export beautiful Xml templates. But if you want Professional themes without any coding then there are lot of designer releasing templates every month. So here is list.

Founded by Syed Faizan Ali in 2012 with collection 15+ free themes and 735 Google+ follower , 9k+ Facebook likes and 10,106 Alexa rank.Templatesim is preferred as one of best websites in the world.

This template author is one of oldest vendor of xml themes even old then templatesim with more than 20 themes in bucket still it has low alexa rank of 18,174 and social collection of 218 Google+ followers and 8k+ Facebook likes .

One of best and supportive blogspot theme vendor in the world.With Alexa rank of 22,591 and social collection of 78 Google+ followers and just 1.5k+ facebook likes .

Founded by teenager indian developer has been doing great since its first day and have great scope and bright future. With alex rank of 25,905 and just 15 Google+ followers and 3K+ facebook likes stand at 4 place.

More than just template vendor they have great collection of  blogging tips and tricks . With alexa rank of 28,129 and  800+ Google+ followers and  1.5k+ Facebook likes they stand at 5 place.

Another websites :

I love to collect and share beautiful high definition wallpapers . So from today i am going to share collection of beautiful high definition wallpapers on every monday . Today i am going to share 15 Beautiful high definition wallpapers . You are free to download them and use on desktop.